Dog Attack Protection: Protect Pet From Vicious Dogs As This Can Lead To Anxiety

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Protect Your Pet From Vicious Aggressive Dogs Attacking: Some Dog Attack Protection Products To Stop Vicious Dog Attacks No Matter What Size Your Dog Is

I certainly could have used Dog Attack Protection in the past as my 2 German Shepherds, Xena and Zoey, and I had been through well over 40 vicious dog attacks in the past decade or so. Aggressive dogs get loose, left loose on purpose or the owners can’t control their dogs on walks. This behavior is not going to go away so I feel it is important to protect our good pets somehow. Even if they survive an attack, they can become anxious and fearful due an attack. Thus the attacks can effect their health. Zoey was much taller than Xena but Zoey could never protect herself from bad dogs so Xena became her protector despite the difference in size. Xena came from a puppy mill and already had anxiety and no matter what I tried to protect us from vicious dog attacks we’d always run into loose vicious dogs. In 2 different neighborhoods I lived next to 3 loose vicious dogs. I’d even drive my pups to what I considered safer places for walks but always run into other vicious dogs. Within the last 2 years I lost my 2 beloved German Shepherd unfortunately due to illness/cancer (you can read Xena’s story on this page). I feel Xena’s anxiety played a role in her passing away at only 9 years old along with a lot of other things like harsh prescription medications and all the vicious dog attacks certainly didn’t help even though when young she courageously won most of the battles. I now have Sweetie who is a 12 lb. female Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix and even a 20 lb. hot-temperd dog is a threat for her. I’m still healing my foot but in a month or two I’d like to be able to take her for safe walks and here’s what I found for Dog Attack Protection options. Some are for small pets like cats and small dogs and some are for any size.

The first Dog Attack Protection option is for small pets like cats and small dogs and is the pet stroller. I chuckled when I first look at these but after thinking about it these pet strollers do protect and provide safe transport and that is the goal. One drawback is the dog does not get exercise. It is a great option for cats to get some fresh air so a plus there. The Deterrent Spray on this page can help if you see the attacking dog coming but with many attacks you just don’t see the dog charging. Here’s some others to consider including a way to protect against attacking hawks:

Furhaven Pet Backpack-Roller Carrier for Dogs and Cats

My solution for protecting Sweetie my Chihuahua mix from dog attacks is the Furhaven Pet Backpack-Roller Carrier plus some citronella spray for Dog Attack Protection. The Furhaven Pet Backpack-Roller Carrier support dogs and cats up to 15 lbs. Once I have used it for a while I will write a review. So far it looks like it can work for Sweetie but only time will tell. I did get a real good deal on it. It is available on Amazon so just click on the photo/link for more info. One can pull it along or push it as it has wheels or use it as a backpack or carrier.

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The next Dog Attack Protection is the type that warns others that your pet is nervous and to give space. Obviously this is for at a park or trail where people are out with their pets for a walk. This doesn’t help for the threat of a loose aggressive dog but for the purpose of a park or trail it can be effective. Here’s some options:

PetStrollerWorld - PetGear Stroller
PetStrollerWorld - Doggyride

Please bookmark this page and check back soon…More Dog Attack Protection Products coming soon to help with this difficult problem! And there’s other creatures that can harm you pet like hawks. Here’s a solution that problem…just click for more info on Amazon: